The Buckland Monachorum War Memorial, Crapstone

The parish memorial stone, set up to remember those who lost their lives in the 1914-1918 War, was placed at the cross-roads in Crapstone. Sir Henry Lopes unveiled it in 1921 and 36 names were recorded. The vicar of Buckland, Revd E F Chamberlin and chairman of the War Memorial committee formally handed over the memorial to Mr S Edgcumbe, chairman of the parish council, for its ‘safe keeping and custody in the years to come’. The architect of the memorial was Mr Stallybrass.

After the Second World War another 27 names were added from the Parish of Buckland Monachorum, which included Clearbrook, Crapstone and Yelverton.

In Glory everlasting make them to be numbered with thy saints 1939-1945.



EWH Blake RN,
S Budge RN,
M Burke RN,
WB Chamming,
RB Conry,
WB Cook,
RJ Down,
AA Edney RN,
HS Emerson,
HK Epson,
D Harry,
CPC Haycroft,
C Hearne RN,
RT Hicks,
R Lowden,
SAJ Maben RN,
TM Napier RN,
G Nailard RN,
J Northy RN,
GS Pitts RN,
RAA Plowden RN,
HCR Rendle,
RG Sedgwick RN,
JM Shawyer,
GR Steer,
RJ Weeks RAF.

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